“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”
- Maya Angelou (Writer)
“Inhale possibility, exhale creativity.”
- Laura Jaworski (Writer)
“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.”
- Georgia O’Keefe (Visual Artist)

About Magnolia

Why The Arts?

The arts can change fixed ideas and help find new ways of seeing, hearing, thinking and feeling. The arts help us move into a different space where different rules apply: the rules of rhythm, colour, line, form, movement, melody and harmony. Through these new experiences, we learn about ourselves and others to develop different ways of interacting with our workplaces, communities, and society. (Nolan, 1996)

Magnolia Learning’s arts based approaches are based on Female Artists assisting people in building knowledge, skills and confidence to help them create, communicate and collaborate.

Art Based Learning

What is arts-based learning you ask?

Uses artistic skills, techniques, formats and processes to support learning in non-artistic areas.

Uses professional artists to share their expertise in workplaces to foster team cohesion, trust, communication and creativity.

Creates opportunities for corporate workplaces to learn new skills and have discussions in a safe, inclusive and fun environment.

Provides skills building to increase effective communication and creative thinking.