The magnolia is an ancient flowering plant that inspires me through a variety of phases – large buds of promise at the end of winter, grand flowers in spring, huge leaves and shade in summer and a skeleton of strength in autumn. There are varieties of the magnolia that have survived ice ages. Learning through arts-based traditions also have a very long history of survival. Storytelling through the visual, performing and musical arts have happened since ancient times in many diverse cultures.

Magnolia Learning is about embracing and celebrating the learning potential of people by designing opportunities that challenge, inspire and encourage learners for both workplace and personal development.

My experience and research has highlighted that there is potential to learn a range of skills including communication, teamwork, leadership and self-management by strategically incorporating the arts into training and learning design.

In most western cultures, including Australia, children start learning about life with arts-based activities. Children sing, draw, play, tell stories, perform and use their imagination. They create fairy tale castles from tables and blankets. They turn garden mounds into mountains to explore and conquer.  They climb trees, look to the distance and dream of the future.  Learning with the arts is an important aspect during the early years of development and when incorporated into adult learning environments including workplaces continue to nurture the lifelong learning journey.

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