The arts can change fixed ideas and helps find new ways of seeing, hearing, thinking and feeling. The arts help us move into a different space where different rules apply: the rules of rhythm, colour, line, form, movement, melody and harmony.

Through these new experiences, we learn about ourselves and others to develop different ways of interacting with our workplaces, communities, and society.

To grow and prosper businesses need to constantly review the way they develop their staff. The way people work is continually changing and workplaces need to ensure people develop and adapt to changing environments. The arts provides a range of learning opportunities to build skills to ensure success for both individuals and organisations.

National and International art-based learning in the workplace initiatives have provided successful businesses with the following work skill development opportunities:

  • the performing arts provides companies with opportunities to develop communication, presentation, teamwork, leadership and organisational skills
  • visual artists inspire and offer organisations skill development in creative problem solving and interpersonal skill development
  • the incorporation of music is being used in arts and business learning relationships to build teamwork, improvisation and creativity skills.
  • improvement of writing skills and developing storytelling techniques involves arts-based learning with writers and poets

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