Arts-Based Workshop

Creative Skill Building

Arts-based learning is the purposeful use of ARTISTIC skills, processes, techniques and experiences as EDUCATIONAL TOOLS to foster LEARNING in non-artistic disciplines and domains.

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Communicating Creatively

This series of workshops involves a business group developing a creative space by developing a shared understanding of a common workplace theme or issue. It is designed to develop teamwork, problem-solving and creativity skills.  Designed for photographic approach to image making and sharing understanding. This process moves from individual view of the world to collective view on the gallery wall.

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using culture to help change culture

This learning approach uses arts and crafts culture to take a closer look at workplace.  It explores ways to communicate and build understanding using stories, music, images.  Moving away from the binary “I’m right/they’re wrong”, “They’re wrong/I’m right” way of thinking to developing better ways to develop productive solutions to interpersonal issues in the workplace.

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Participants with different writing experience will be encouraged to free up the mind and let the ideas flow.  These workshops provide time to explore words and images on the way to a short story or two.  Short stories can be fact or fiction or a combination of both.  Through this process participants will learn more about each other and develop creative writing skills for both professional and personal writing endeavours.

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Clients Examples

Consulted, designed and facilitated a series of arts-based workshops (visual, creative writing and storytelling) called ‘Reflecting on your workplace’ to engage administrative staff to build understandings around the way worked and develop strategies to overcome internal customer service challenges.

Consulted, designed and coached a fast-growing management consulting firm to update and design new interactive training materials for both internal and external client teams.

Facilitated a Creative Writing and Teamwork Program for Recruitment Team of a fast growing global professional services firm. It was designed to build storytelling and writing skills to improve the recruitment communication strategy.

Designed numerous creative learning solutions (visual, performing, music, storytelling) for the training and development projects of a people strategy consulting firm. Working with both public and private sector clients we designed challenging up skilling solutions incorporating the arts which assisted employees to conquer complex human resources issues important for business change management initiatives.