Dr. Claire Manning


Our Female Artist Community

Magnolia Learning is supported by a community of female artists based in Canberra and regional New South Wales. These experienced creatives have extensive facilitation skills in a range of environments. They come from a variety of arts-based backgrounds including visual, performing, photographic, music and writing. Please contact Magnolia Learning if you would like more information or contact details.

Dr Claire Manning

(Writer, Storyteller and Advocate for Women and the Arts)

I am passionate about learning, creative writing and the arts. I was a reluctant student as a child however returned to formal education as a mature-aged student where I discovered new and creative ways to learn. An arts-based approach to learning started for me at McKinsey and Company where the arts were used as communication tools. For the last 20 years through extensive research and work experience using arts-based learning, I have discovered how aspects of the arts can enhance learning and make it engaging and productive. I have designed ways to help build communications and other workplace skills through a range of “playing with words” and “story-telling” workshops that have encouraged both keen and reluctant tale tellers of all ages.